Fried fish with sweet and sour vegetables

Fried fish with sweet and sour vegetables is called simply – Greek-style fish – Ryba po grecku /ˈrɨba pɔ grɛt^sku/. Why ”Greek-style” fish…it is really hard to say, and why it became Christmas Eve dish is an even bigger mystery. We have few dishes in Polish cuisine which pretending to be brought from other countries. […]

clear chicken broth

Golden Chicken Broth with Homemade Noodles

Chicken Broth- Rosół z kury /ˈros̪uw z qoory/ – is one of polish national dishes, and one of the most popular soup around Eastern Europe. Liquid gold. Just look at that! My mouth gets watery just by looking at the picture. De-li-cious! I consider clear Chicken Broth the most elegant of all soups. It is so […]

Pierogi with sour cabbage and wild mushrooms

Pierogi z kiszoną kapustą i grzybami are one of my favourites! Christmas holidays are coming! In fall season we slowly start to enjoy all the pickels we have made in late summer or at the beginning of autumn. The sour cabbage is one of most popular. It is crucial ingredient for many traditional recipes, my […]

Homemade Pasta-3

Homemade noodles in only 10 minutes

Noodles in just 10 minutes? I know perfect, super simple and quick method for delicious, homemade noodles. No need to use pasta machine, it is not a conventional recipe, but it works perfectly! In Polish language pasta is called makaron, no matter what shape or length it has. My mother always made homemade noodles with […]