KAroHi! My name is Karolina. I’m Polish. I was born and raised in Podlasie, the northeastern region of Poland.

Food was always very important in my home. My mother and her mother were great cooks. I started to miss my culinary roots when I moved abroad for the first time. I somehow appreciated my background, our gorgeous traditions and taste. Currently I’m living in Germany, Munich and encouraged by my friends (♥ you Serena) I decided to share my delicious heritage.

Writing a blog is a hobby, professionally I’m an architect. In my spare time I ♥ to cook and travel, but most of all I ♥ to… eat, it’s all about tasting and sampling local cuisines.

I am a Slav. I traveled many Slavic countries and I was privileged to taste a great variety of Slavic cuisine. Somehow food is very, very similar in many eastern countries, but yet so different in details. It would be unfair to close myself only to Polish cuisine because some of the dishes are commonly present on other eastern tables.

Please join me in this travel around Slavic culinary world. Don’t be shy to post comments and ask questions. Enjoy the recipes!

With warm regards,




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